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ENT is the branch of medicine that specialized for efficient management of treatment and surgery of the ear, nose, throat and other related structure of Head & Neck. Our well experienced ENT specialist at DSSH treats various type of disorder/disease with advanced medical treatments and equipment. They have taken vast training and they are very knowledgeable to diagnose manage & treat their specialty disorder/diseases.

Conditions managed in the ENT department are

  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillar & adenoidal infection/lesions/ Tonsillectomy.
  • Hearing loss diagnosis and treatment
  • Throat Infection
  • Correction of nasal deformities due to injury/ Trauma.
  • Diagnosis and management of voice disorder.
  • Nasal Bleeding/ Discharge/ Congestion.
  • Treatment of septal, deviation, rhinitis, nasal polyps/ growth
  • Vertigo/ Dizziness, vestibular rehabilitation
  • Thyroid gland growth/ nodule/Goiter
  • Acute/ Chronic ear discharge
  • Facial nerve palsy.

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