Paediatric & Neonatology

Care for the new one

Internal Medicine is the foundation on which all the Medical Super Specialties are built.

Pediatrics is branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, Children and adolescent, the pediatrics care department is made up of a highly skilled group of physician with exceptional skill and training in the disease and illnesses that tend to affect the health and development of infants, children and adolescent. They have vast knowledge and experience about the various ailments that can affect children’s health, behavior, welfare and education. At DSSH every child is special and unique. We focus on a child’s holistic development and well being by providing comprehensive treatment and the unique needs of babies. Our aim is to provide children holistic well being, prevention of diseases, Emergency care, prevention from seasonal illness, nutrition and vaccination. Our department and doctors are equipped to diagnosis and treat of  common illness like stomach issue, nutritional deficiencies, Diabetes mellitus(DM), Viral, Cold Cough, asthma and other diseases. Our state of the art neonatal ICU is equipped with high end monitors, incubators, high frequency ventilator surfactant therapy and phototherapy to deal with any level of medical compilation in newborn.